About Us
In 2006, I, together with my team of entrepreneurs produced our creative brainchild. Today, our baby, Vintage PrintHouse Sdn Bhd stands tall and established. We owe it to our clients that were with us from our early emergence up to today for being our constant vertebrae. Without them, we could not have pull through for almost 13 years now.

With the hype of business spreading to every corner of the globe, printing services have taken the world by sweeps. If you want to begin a business, you have to print your brochure, if you want to publish a book you have to print it in a press, and if you want to do some major printing you have to take the assistance of digital printing to make it a success. While we are at it, we provide full package membership card and printing solutions in consultation, development, design and printing program implementation and beyond. Our goal is to provide the best and quality service, support and consultation for every customer's request to achieve their objective.
As we continue to meet the growing need in the market, we established ourselves in the market with a tailor-made solution for retail or corporate office solution with membership card program and printing solution. Facing all manner of future challenges, Vintage PrintHouse Sdn Bhd will remain meticulous in the areas of digital printing, offset printing, and more hoping to press on in the areas of product development, environmentalism, energy efficiency, and promoting clean and green mother earth.
Alvin Kau Wai Liong
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